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As the UK’s only manufacturer of an additive manufacturing machine that prints metal parts..

Renishaw, the UK’s only manufacturer of a metal-based additive manufacturing machine that prints metal parts, has collaborated with a leading British bicycle design and manufacturing company to create the world’s first 3D printed metal bike frame. Empire Cycles designed the mountain bike to take advantage of Renishaw’s additive manufacturing technology, allowing them to create a titanium frame that would be both strong and light using topological optimisation – the new frame is some 33% lighter than the original.

The frame has been additively manufactured in titanium alloy in sections and bonded together. This offers a number of advantages:

Design freedom

  • Rapid iterations; flexibility to make design improvements right up to production 
  • Ability to make shapes derived by topological optimisation (see below) 
  • Ultimate customisation and tailoring – make one-offs as easily as production batches


  • Complex shape with internal strengthening features 
  • Hollow structures 
  • Built in features, such as the rider’s name

Performance, titanium alloy

  • Seat post bracket 44% lighter than aluminium alloy version 
  • Extremely strong – tested to EN 14766 
  • Corrosion resistant and long lasting

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