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Quintax CNC Routers, a division of Ferry Industries Inc., is dedicated to providing industry with the superior
performance of our American made CNC routers. The ease of programming and variety of functions that can
be performed make Quintax CNC Routers ideal for complex machining and repetitive secondary operations.

Quintax 3- and 5- Axis CNC Routers are innovative designs, with safety-conscious engineering. The design,
components and construction quality of our routers provide a very rigid machine allowing for accuracy with
high accel/decel rates. Numerous combinations of tables and sizes, optional spindles, tool changers and
integrated controls net the router you need. Various CAD/CAM packages are available.

Use of the most current, fast CNC's continually advance the performance and capabilities of the Quintax
routers. "Smart" motor and drive technology, memory cards, advanced industrial computers, software
programs and innovative engineering benefit users with more efficient time and labor usage, less scrap
and faster cycle times. CAD/CAM integration capability allows for increased productivity and savings.

Quintax has built a strong reputation of working with customers in the interest of producing the best product.
 We are committed to introducing new designs, product refinements, and effective integration of CAD/CAM
capabilities to advance the technology and value of Quintax routers in the global market.